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tv   [untitled]    June 19, 2015 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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- >> we will take public comment on the issue - >> again and again and welcome to the to the san francisco planning commission regular hearing for i'd like to remind the members of the audience that the commission does not tolerate disruptions of any kind. please silence any devices that may sound off during the proceedings. and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record.
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i'd like to call roll at this time. >> commissioner wu commissioner antonini commissioner hillis and commissioner moore commissioner richards is present and we expect commissioner johnson and commissioner president fong to are absent commissioner first is items proposed for continuance a and b for the case x cu a 2000 on bryant street are property continuance jill july 2nd, 2015. >> that is the only item proposed for continuance i have a few speaker card. >> we'll take comments on whether or not you support the continuance (calling names). >> good evening. >> not other mike. >> good evening good afternoon. i'm a local neighbor of the there proposed project others
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york is where i live i ask you continue this in november there is a mission 20/20 that's been in the w works with the stay and their coming up with a plan for how to deal with the affordable housing problem of lack of affordable housing in the mission and this is a big project it is one city block it will convert pdr into housing we have an issue with jobs in the mission so the pdr to conversion is part of the mission 20/20 plan so i will request rather than putting it over for two weeks you give the mission time to finish the plan with the planning department and that will - this is the second largest track of land in the mission if it goes away we'll
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have a problem rather than that lets figuring out what is best for the mission as it is over 5 to 8 hundred people i don't know the all estimate come to the board of supervisors and said we need a moratorium our luxury housing mayor ed lee tolerance is for every twitter job that will be 80 percent affordable all of this takes for consideration than a two week kick the bucket down the lane i'm asking you wait until november with the 2020 in a draft form to look at what to do with the mission thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker >> honorably commissioners john from todco well, i'm normally be supporting what the speaker said but
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actually, i want to recommend here's the item and kill it now vote this project down it is an absolute disaster insuring this is pdrs sites and in the potential factory building and, of course, surely you know that 10 thousand feet of that is the sell says that a heart and soul of the mission for 20 years now and as an extraordinary act it will cause $30 million to replace but $50 million to replace the sell space only 12 percent of site it is we're coming to you and having the staff recommend you should demolish this extraordinary asset as part of the spirit of the mission to have more luxury
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condos that is if insane this project is insane it shouldn't have gotten this far from ceqa nobody is required to produce scenarios for development none i want you to have a maximizing the site another will moment misses the pdr and still add housing none that have is before you now you know me i have a good sense of what is going in the government issues this project is your last chance and commission to retain any credibility. >> sore to interrupt you, you can only speak on the matter of the continuance. >> turn it down today your credibility is this project is insane and not one step further you need to ask the developer to
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return with alternatives that actually retain pdr and save the arts and help the mission retain it's character that we all know and love if you don't you're finished a better ballot box next year we'll ignore you - >> okay couple of more speakers (calling names). >> hello commissioners my name is jonathan i'm as far as the continuance goes i agree this should be continued in november were we saw a few weeks ago 7 out of the 11 board of supervisors are in favor of a moratorium on luxury housing and this has quite a bit ever luxury housing not to mention that this project
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is also putting out a number of light industry and small businesses cultural centers this requires a lot of sort of enter specification into the law of the city okay. we have missionary and the ludicrously a number of policies and objectives this need to be honored and reviewed we have policy one point one 10 to continue to protect pdr and the housing objective insuring the significant percentage of housing created in the mission is affordable we have objective continuing to expand the increase for affordable housing availability and production in the economic development objective 6 point is and 11
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recommended the economic well-being and the variety businesses in the community facilities and identifiable 7 point one are all related to essential services community services existing facilities this project is basically been also going under the blanket eir which to be honesty is not related any more the conditions have changed dramatic. >> keep our comments to the continuance. >> basically i building this should be continued into november to give the mission time to have you look at deeply the ramifications this has in its current paroled thank you for taking my comments. >> thank you. >> and for all other speakers
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to this matter please limit our comments only to the matter of continuance. >> mary i'm here to speak on behalf of the artists and small businesses that are losing their workspace and all over the city we're prefer you continue this matter and prefer we look at the possibility of a special hearing on what's happening with the pdrs that's not come up yet anyway we've been asked to come up with data it would be nice to get the data together we're in the process okay. here's a map basically of just part of the northeast mission and as you can see the pdrs are can do with the tail sort of lavender color we know that we know how many this is wherever that map was
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generated it is dedicated to pdr we need to find out what's going we have pend complaint and a lot of those buildings that are current under construction we had construction going on with no building permit we've had containments on that we have a huge problem with compliance and that's one of the major needs to be addressed how long to figure out i don't know we all know we have a problem with this. >> so we definitely not to continue this matter we would like to continue it longer than a few weeks any public comment? i'm not going to say november i'll leave that up to you but definitely more time and have a special hearing on the matter not only are we losing jobs we're having this incredible new
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traffic situation that is created all those people that used to commute within a 7 mile area are pushed to the suburbs and have twice as many people driving to their jobs the new people moving into the neighborhoods don't live here >> ma'am if you can limit our comments to the matter. >> we need to study those matters and look at the entire situation that is evolving of the loss of pdrs thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm gabriel the policy manager for meta i thank you for your work with us and the mission community for the mission plan 2020 to kind of you know look at what's been going
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wrong important for this project it definitely deserves a continuance and definitely to be on hold if we don't have until we finish a plan that demonstrates everything that is wrong with the current zoning and the plan for the mission currently, we have industrial space pdr space this is basically being on for luxury housing we're losing legacy businesses with the flats that has a longer than history in a community and losing rental unit and jobs this is aging an example of a project by project because of how we're losing the mission annuity i community this is why we've had the city is growing in population the mission has been reducing in population we lost 31 hundred unit people but we've added 25
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hundred households we've continued to have the least amount of industrial land in any city growing disparity we're losing jobs and can't address this on a project by project base so that's why we're asking you to give the community time to build consensus on how to make the 2020 plan more collaborative with the city and include more partners and think about the housing and the job aspect you know there's a lot that going into it your staff has been working hard to get up to date it's a lot of work what we've labor
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relations laborer with the local 261 we're located in the mission street with 5 thousand area residents i want to say as mentioned we're
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here from our members want to build for housing but need to blt build as much affordable housing as we can as possible we want the men and women that build the housing to earn standard wages and pensions and health care and this project didn't has none of those things we came out with our members to join the building trades council opposing the project thank you. >> (clapping.) excuse me. >> excuse me. there's no outburst of any kind during those procedures. >> next speaker >> i'm andy blossoming representing the plaza coalition we joined about another thousand folks on june 2nd to demand no
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more market rate housing this protract ever project is an example what we shouldn't be building bans the cities nexus study and the doors we'll probably have to be it further resolved will mr. bloom on the matter of continuance. >> if you want to continue it that's fine you must kill this project it's exactly what we don't need in the mission. >> thank you. is there any additional public comment if so, please come forward. >> i'm on here on behalf of the project sponsor we're no support of a continuance to july 2nd and oppose any turns beyond that we've rer0i7kd people's scheduled to be available on july 2nd i hope you'll take the recommendation of july 2nd thank
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you. >> next speaker >> hello, i'm scott i'm a co-founder of the theatre and arts space that is on brilliant street i'm interested in the project and definitely in fair of the continuance and accident pdrs conversion please continue this until july 2nd really we need until november for the project. >> is there any additional public comment on the matter of continuance? >> i'm a member of currently action i'm no opposition of the proposed project on 2070 bryant i believe that the umbrella the eir for the eastern neighborhoods is allowed the proposed project to go through
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and you should send the developer back to the back to the drawing board. >> to the matter of continuance please. i support the continuance to july 2nd. >> thanks. >> is there any additional public comment. >> hi commissioners affidavit i'm a licensed contractor i'm in favor of the continuance to at least july 2nd thank you. >> thank you. >> is there any additional public comment? >> good afternoon david a worker for the mission development agency i'm in support of continuance for july 2nd i will bring a community that don't want to have more of those projects we're working with the planning department and mayor's office of housing with the project we need and the land we
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need more more avenue i support the continuance for july 2nd to discuss this project. >> thank you. any more public comment on the matter of continuance oak public comment is closed. commissioner antonini. >> yeah. i'm going to move to continue to july 2nd for the following reasons he sat through the hearings obtain eastern neighborhood and most of the people were involved in the discusses and reached a compromise with other people to come up with something we have before us we've agreed on the blanket irs and those are the rules under which this project needs to be elevated it may not meet those rules donna i don't like the rules so let's put it off i don't play that game july 2nd is fine we'll see which
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way it goes from there, i move to continue to july 2nd. >> do i hear a second? >> commissioner richards. >> i guess question for staff i mean, i was in boston for the last 5 days and offering i came back came back to heed of e-mails for those who changed online petitions something happened when i looked at the agenda calendar this is big the question for staff we've heard the community ask for more time because of the mission 2020 this is the second largest commission in the community bart station what relationship will this project have to 2020 a i can answer that.
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>> we've been working with the economic agency with the 2020 plan the goal of the plan to develop the strategy over the next 5 to 10 years to stabilize the mission in terms of maintaining the income levels of the community the 60 percent so 60 percent to moderate the idea and as stated by many members of the public stableizing the loss of jobs so the idea of that strategy is primarily to look at how weevictions inquiry the new housing units and for the affordable housing looking at sites and funding strategies it's looking at the rage of strategies to stabilize the existing housing and add affordable housing to the neighborhood so you know and so how we get to
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those and trying to agree on a series of numbers how we get to those numbers we're working on we're broadening our work to include other organizations at the request of the mayor's office so we're talking to more members of the communities our discussions are happening job except us to have an agreement by a lot of work is ongoing so specifically to answer our question the relationship is not - this is one sites this is a private ownership for a long-term so the question is you know whether this site provides one of the many sites needed for affordable housing we haven't looked at this site in particular we're looking a range of sites. >> i have looked at the market
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octavia plan for years and i think i guess where my head is on this perhaps not we wait until mission 2020 we want to make sure that the community has enough time to present their project with a level the playing field i'll agree to july 2nd. >> commissioner hillis. >> i will tend to agree i think the site is appropriate for housing we've seen the city projection o projects evolves and draeven improve with the city community engagement there's a lot of issues that are not going to be roved from two weeks if we hear it in july maybe we'll hear it as an informational item getting the community input and directions
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and hearing it later in july or early august to give folks more time i don't think november is appropriate it is good to have more information later in july or early august. >> commissioners if i may to the matter of the continuance july 2nd was chosen because of the commissions schedule that is the first and last time all 7 commissioners are expected to be present until september so fyi. >> not enough time to fully understand the implementation i've never seen a community alliance just simply discussing the project and being strong
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about the action i personally building we owe it to ourselves and the respect of the department that finds ourselves nobody anticipated that the issues of the eastern be neighborhood plan will come to a clash as rapid as we do i think we owe it to ourselves this is a guideline document nothing it in stone to not allow us to the thoughtful and attention active to changes i see the work of the depended and commend them as being clearly responsive to changes this none anticipated having said that i believe we owe it to oozing to give ourselves sufficient time to hear the department and looked at the finding and recommendations and test them on this large site whether this is a private site is not relevant
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most of them need to account for the larger issues that effect the city i support a continuance until such time as the department gives themselves the honest time to test their issue replaced to their side and our side when this is i don't know but i don't believe the commission secretary answers that because we're not hereafter september is not sufficient for me and commissioner antonini. >> yeah. i'm going to move to august 6th it is the date we have the full commission that gives us more than enough time to study the project as well as staff as well as members of the community and the many, many people that have spoken in favor of this project and e-mails to me community is more than just the people here and this is a
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project that involves the entire city august 6th gives the project sponsor times for modification i'll move to continue until august 6th. >> commissioner hillis. >> director. >> i think i want to confirm that we have a full commission in the august meeting. >> august 6th we expect a few commission we do yeah. >> i wanted to you will miss the two first two meetings in august obviously i'm not a voting person on the commission. >> if the commission votes to continue to august 6th i'll ask that staff revolved in mission 2020 be present i don't know if those speakers. >> commissioner richards. >> i'd like the director